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Principal’s Message  

Education is the only path that leads us to the future full of hope, promises and prosperity.

D.A.V institutions have also made a lifelong learning a priority. We are resolute about providing all our children with good choices. Our School offers an opportunity for all the
DAVians to celebrate the important role that education plays in promoting equity, the achievements of our students and the invaluable work of our educators in building a society. I believe that capabilities of children are boundless. We want them to learn at the highest possible level to achieve this goal. We have to make as education as involving as possible and create an atmosphere where they can recognize their talents and bring out of their best of abilities. We are here to shape the future of our young learners so that they can develop and blossom into enlightened beings. Our core purpose is to provide high quality education by nurturing all the five aspects of education.

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual well being.

We will help children to develop a greater sense of ethics, critical and creative thinking and nurture the sense of belongingness to global society. Parental participation is vital for school’s effectiveness because it supports the prospect that parents and teachers believe in each other’s motives and actions. So I request you all actively participate in the progress of your wards and extend full co-operation to make our joint venture successful. We are guided and channelized by the knowledgeable minds and efforts of prominent educationists, senior police officers and the representatives of DAV CMC, New Delhi. I assure you that your ward will receive conscientious care, subtle support and expert guidance. I invite you to join us for this educational voyage.